Ethan Bush

Tulsa, OK 74137

Licensed in OK

(229) 251-8404

Ethan Bush

Ethan Bush is originally from Valdosta, Georgia and has deep roots in the southern culture. He has grown up surrounded by hard working men who have a passion for the outdoors. Ethan was introduced to hunting, fishing, and camping at an early age. He spent many days learning about how to care for the land and its animals from his grandfather. From sitting in a deer stand, to fishing a pond, and learning how to properly manage a property; Ethan learned the value of patience and a good work ethic.

As he got older, Ethan developed a passion for chasing waterfowl, and it is what he loves to do most. He enjoys the hard work behind having a successful hunt, which speaks to his desire to earn it, not be given it. Now, Ethan shares his time in the woods and marsh with his beloved 1 year old lab, Annie.

Ethan is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in General Business. This degree has furthered his education and he is well versed in the different factors and components that affect a business in its everyday endeavors.

All of these experiences have taught Ethan the importance of caring for land and how each property holds value and is unique in its own way. Above all, Ethan has a passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. Ethan wants to see each piece of property reach its full potential and serve the purpose that each specific client wants. Ethan knows that utilizing his experience and knowledge is crucial in helping clients find the right property to suit their needs.

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