Looking For Land?

So you are ready to buy some acreage!  To some, this may seem like an overwhelming process.  We are here to assist you with this process.  Some of our clients own a lot of acreage and employ us to facilitate the transaction and handle the negotiations.  A lot of our clients have never owned acreage and need help throughout the whole process.  Just like listing a property, we are here to overcome objections and help carry out the due-diligence process.


Below are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing acreage:

  • Does the acreage add up to what the seller states?
  • Do I need a building permit in this county?
  • Does the Seller own the sub service minerals? How can we find out?
  • Are there any encroachments, easements or environmental issues?
  • Conservation Easements, water drainage, dumps, flooding, Wetlands, erosion?
  • Condition of Perimeter and Cross fence?
  • Agriculture Potential? Grass production? Soil Samples?

When it comes to buying acreage we can assist you with:

  • Pre-Qualification and Finance Options
  • Property Due-Diligence
  • Surveys
  • Soil Samples
  • Surface and Sub-Surface Opinions
  • 1031’s
  • Title Insurance
  • EPA Phase I,II or III Studies
  • Aerials
  • Production Numbers